Each year MAFA recognizes the passion, dedication, and hard work of outstanding individuals who support the arts and art education in our community and the surrounding region. These individuals enable our organization to achieve our twofold mission established in 1965:

"Enhance the lives of those within our community through interaction with the arts. 
Increase the opportunities of our children through art education"
Our Mission

Renaissance Award

This award is presented to a member of the Monrovia community whose leadership and support of the arts contribute to the cultural enhancement and betterment of the community as a whole.

2020 Becky Rivanis, Owner, Rivanis Baking Company
2019 Keely Milliken, Owner, Centre Stage, Inc.
2018 No Award
2017 Darrell Brooke, Esq., Owner, Monrovia Trust
2016 Chap Care represented by Kevin Reed
2015 Bill Beebe, Past MAFA President
2014 Sal Perez, Art Teacher, Monrovia High School
2013 Susan Hirsch
2012 Donna Baker
2011 Clarence Shaw, Monrovia City Council
2010 Scott Ochoa, Monrovia City Manager
2009 Joan Whitenack, Director, Foothill Unity Center
2008 Kathie Reece-McNeil, Owner, Aztec Hotel
2007 Chris Owens, President/CEO, Focus One Credit Union
2006 Joe Garcia, Monrovia City Council
2005 Charlotte & Lee Schamadan, Community Leaders
2004 Joanne Spring, Community Leader
2003 Betty Sandford, Community Leader
2002 Don Hopper, Monrovia City Manager


The  Renaissance Award statue is custom made every year by one of our longtime artists and former board member and featured artist, Bill Hyatt. Thank you!

Heart in the Arts Award

MAFA presents this award to a MAFA member who has gone above and beyond, contributing their time, talent, creativity, and drive to help our organization carry out its mission and achieve its goals.

2020 Brian Xiao
2019 Ray Wheeler
2018  No Award
2017 Frank Zgonc
2016 Christine Geltz
2015 Becky Shevlin
2014 Katie Gundersen
2013 Rouzanna Berberian
2012 Betsy Matz
2011 Doug Gordon
2010 Penny Arroyo
2009 Bill Hyatt
2008 Lisa Barrios

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Our Mission

Monrovia Association of Fine Arts' mission is to be a resource for the community, local artists, art supporters and students - providing opportunities to gather, learn, showcase, sell and celebrate fine art.

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