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  • November Monthly Meeting - “Painting with Rick Kess: Anything But the Brush” with Rick Kess, Disney Artist (Part Two) [VIA ZOOM]

November Monthly Meeting - “Painting with Rick Kess: Anything But the Brush” with Rick Kess, Disney Artist (Part Two) [VIA ZOOM]

  • 17 Nov 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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We will provide the Zoom link to everyone who registers for this free event.


In these “no brush” art sessions, you will learn to be inventive with your art tools and paint along with Rick. You'll end up with not only a piece suitable for framing, but also a better understanding of how you can use things at hand, without resorting to expensive (and most times unnecessary) equipment.

In the first session, we’ll explore surfaces, materials and tools that are most likely already in your home. Please see the MATERIALS LIST below if you want to "play along" with Rick in this first session.

In the second session on Nov. 17, you will need these same materials and can follow along with him and learn the process of creating your own masterpieces, while inventing your own special approaches.


In Rick's own words:

It’s not necessary to play along in the first exploratory session on Oct. 27, as you will still learn quite a bit just watching; and then you'll be more prepared for the second session (when you WILL need these to participate).

Watercolor paper: Cheap pad like those available at Michaels. I do mean cheap.

Surface to tape the paper to: This can be a board, plastic, cutting board, cardboard box, table, etc.

Tools: Masking tape, scissors, wax paper (or any flat surface to mix paint on; I’ve even used post-its), an old bowl or small bucket (Empty coffee cans work great.) for clean water, hair dryer (Fanning works but takes longer.) and rubber gloves (These are optional as this is water-based paint)

Cards: Choose one of the following: business cards, playing cards, thick mailers (The glossy realtor ones work great.).

Sponges (three kinds): Soft and fine (old t-shirt to be cut up); coarse like sea sponge; scour pads like on dish sponges

Acrylic paint: Bottles (2 oz.) of craft acrylic paints, usually under $2.00 a bottl


--Midnight blue (dark blue, blue black, night sky

--Bone white or parchment white (anything slightly off white)

Wear old clothes or an apron that covers well.


Rick attended college in northern Colorado with the intention of becoming a teacher, only to find he didn’t possess the temperament; he had more of a ‘doing’ mindset.

He continued on with producing and showing his own art, which ultimately led to more commercial venues, and on to the entertainment industry. There he drew, painted, sculpted and fabricated for print ads, TV, movies, and themed venues including the Disney theme parks, Vegas and more. For example, he designed the small scale village model in the attic for the movie “Beetlejuice.”

Currently, Rick is retired from the commercial end of things and produces his own art for sale and show. He is a longtime MAFA member and has been honored as Featured Artist in our annual  Monrovia Art Festival in the park.

Find out more about his fascinating career at designkrimestudios.com

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